Refund Policy

1. All order must be verified and confirmed before paid. After paid and prepared no order are allowed to be changed.

2. A valid refund will be generated with a valid reason or situation; all reasons and situations are analyzed carefully where we recognize our mistake and we understand it wasn’t customers fault.

3. Unfortunately here “customer is ALWAYS right” has its limit; we are a small business and we hold the right to refuse service and goods to any person where intentions are to harm our business financially asking for random refunds.

4. Before refund is issued when exist a product problem, product must be returned and presented upon refund request. No product, no refund.

5. Refunds can not be issued by any employee present in store, all refunds are only authorized by management position. For that we ask your patient on the process. Refunds are usually done in 1-2 business day.

6. Any other situation beside mentioned above are going to be carefully analyzed to the best resolution.

7. Refund is made of the same method of payment

Refund Policy